Pastor Bob McCaig was born in upstate New York and spent and lived on a farm for his first 18 years, where he regularly attended a small Methodist church in Cameron Mills, NY.  He attended Clarkson College of Technology in Potsdam, NY where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering.  When he first started at Clarkson and being his first time away from home, he decided not to attend church.  However, within a few months he found himself wanting to be in church and worshiping our Lord.  He became a regular attendee at the Methodist Church.  After graduation, he was employed by IBM in Owego, NY, and married his long-time sweetheart, Marci. While living in Owego Marci and Bob were blessed with a daughter Lori and a son Robert Jr.  It was at the Methodist church in Owego, that Bob met the Lord in a new and different way.  Through the outreach of the Lay Witness Mission program, he came in contact with people that had a personal relationship with their savior and it showed in their personality and their dedication to the Lord.  It was at this point that Jesus Christ not only was his savior but He became Lord of his life. Soon after this experience, IBM moved Marci, Bob, and their two kids to Manassas, Virginia.  The Lord blessed Bob and Marci with their third child, Brian, in 1977.  Bob became part of the Lay Witness program and saw the Lord move in tremendous ways not only in their lives but in the lives of others as well.  In 1981, they transitioned from the Methodist Church in Gainesville to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Manassas, and then in 1984 they became part of New Covenant Fellowship.  Throughout these years, the Lord was working in their lives and continues to work in their lives to mold them and make them into His servants.  In 2001, Bob was ordained by NCF as a Pastor/Elder.  As a young adult Bob thought that he could never stand before a group of people and share with them, but now digging into God’s Word and discovering the revelation of the truths He is telling us is now one of the most rewarding experiences he has.

Prior to his ordination as a Pastor/Elder in 2003, Dr. Donald Ponikvar was a career Army Officer.  He graduated from West Point, and was commissioned in Armor Branch, serving in assignments in Germany and in the United States.  He has a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), taught Physics at West Point, and worked for several years on President Reagan's Star Wars program.  During the week, when he is not involved with pastoral duties, Don is a consultant to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, advising them on countering terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

Don was born in Cleveland, and raised in the Methodist Church.  While at graduate school at MIT, he came to a personal revelation of the reality of God and the need for a personal relationship with Jesus after hearing a Physics Colloquium on the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe.  He committed himself to Jesus in 1980, and became involved with the Officer's Christian Fellowship, ministering to military personnel from all around the world.  He taught Prophetic Ministry and Healing at Shepherd's Heart Bible College in Fairfax, VA, and is a certified trainer for the Christian International course on Ministering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He is also a commissioned CISM Chaplain, working with Christ In Action, a service organization headquartered in Culpeper, Virginia.  He and his wife, Patti, have been happily married for over 46 years.  They have three children, all married, three grandsons, and a granddaughter.

The Pastor/Elders of New Covenant Fellowship

Robin Bayles was ordained January 30, 1970 to The Full Gospel Ministry by the Redland Baptist Church of Redland, Maryland and has served continuously in local church ministry since 1968. In those years he has served as a youth pastor, minister of music, worship leader, church administrator, and senior pastor. He currently serves as one of the Pastor/Elders, at New Covenant Fellowship, the non-denominational, New Testament style church that he co-founded with Bob Yarbrough in November of 1984.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Maryland (1972) and a Master of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas in 1976.
He was married to his beloved wife Sandy for 42 years and lost her to breast cancer in September of 2014.  He and Sandy have three beautiful daughters, Aimee, Rebekah and Bethany.  Robin enjoys handyman projects, fixing things in his shop, reading, and boating.

Butch Chevalier is in his 37th year of ministry. Butch encountered Jesus in 1975 as a lost young man who grew up without a father.  He was invited to a graduation banquet and when the little old ladies who prepared the meal began to pray, he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as the Father engulfed him inside and out.  He knew he had come home to a heavenly Father! Butch started a relationship with the Father that night and he has never looked back.  Does that mean he was perfect?  No, it does mean Butch belonged to Him though, and for the rest of his days and into eternity, Butch is His child.
A few years later Butch was on a mission trip and heard the call to be a minister.  Not long after that he met the love of his life, Diana, in Bible college.  In 1981 he went to Haiti on a mission trip that changed his whole perspective on how Jesus views our world.  Later that year he became a youth pastor and Diana and he were married.  Diana and Butch did outreaches from every aspect, from crisis pregnancy outreach to Motorcycle Ministry.  After 37 years of marriage, Diana lost her battle with cancer in 2018.   Now with two grown children, several grandchildren, and seven church plants, Butch is a Pastor/Elder at NCF and he travels thousands of miles a year ministering to Bikers from Daytona to Sturgis.  Most of all, he sees that people need Jesus and we are all about connecting those we meet to the Father through an encounter with His Son.  His goal as a Pastor/Elder at New Covenant Fellowship is to know God and to make Him known to all those around him.  So, he ends a lot of conversations with this:  "Got Jesus"?