Prophetic Prayer Ministry


Every year around the week of Resurrection Sunday, Don and Patti Ponikvar lead our annual Seder meal.  All are invited to join us and share in this meaningful experience.  We do this together as a Fellowship at NCF, or sometimes do it in smaller groups in individual homes.  Contact Edwin at the church for specific instructions and more details.

Electronic Hearing Assistance

Seder Meal

Calling all God’s Women Warriors…

Our Women’s Ministry periodically sponsors catered breakfasts at New Covenant Fellowship.  We will gather together in fellowship with the Lord, and with each other.  Let us prepare our hearts and minds to hear His voice personally and corporately, through His word, through the Prophetic, through each other and through our worship as we come before Him, with an open heart, mind and spirit.  Contact the church office for the next scheduled event.

All building use (including individual counseling sessions, prophetic appointments, etc.) should be scheduled through the NCF office.  Please call or email the office at 703-361-0890 or if you would like to use a room or the worship center for your meeting or event.  Please remember, also, to leave the room in the same condition in which you found it.  Notify the office if there are any problems.

New Covenant Fellowship’s property and facilities may be used only for purposes consistent with the Church’s doctrinal beliefs as reflected in the Bible and the Church’s Statement of Faith. Property and facility use will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with New Covenant Fellowship’s religious teachings as reflected in the Bible and the Church’s Statement of Faith.  New Covenant Fellowship's Pastor/Elders shall be the final decision-making authority regarding whether any proposed facility/property use is in conformity to the Church’s doctrinal beliefs.

Prayer requests

New Covenant Fellowship Building Use

If you have a prayer request that you would like the pastors to address on Sunday mornings, you may call any one of our pastors. If you would rather not call a pastor directly, or have difficulty reaching one of them, call Edwin Alva in the church office at 703-361-0890.  Or you can fill out the prayer request form on this website.

To assist any of our members or visitors with hearing problems, New Covenant recently purchased several sets of wireless assistive hearing devices.  These units are about the size of a cell phone, with a set of earbuds, and allow the user to hear whatever is coming through the speaker system, but at a volume level they can set themselves.  Since the signal comes directly from the sound control board, ambient room noise is not fed to the device.  These devices are available for use during our weekly worship services at no charge.  Just speak to one of the pastors, or to one of the sound technicians prior to the service. 

Prophetic Prayer Ministry is available by appointment each Thursday night for anyone who would like to partake. Individuals and married couples. 20-minute appointments (7:30 or 7:50) are available. Call the church to make an appointment or if you have questions- 703-361-0890.  (If at all possible, please call by 4:30 pm on Wednesday.)