1. Worship - Honoring God in all that we do or say.

2. Grace and Mercy - Choosing to see the good in each individual first, and not the negative.  God's commandments (and His judgment) are tempered with mercy, not legalism.

3. Unity - Believers are inseparably linked together through God's encompassing love and through the one Holy Spirit. 

4. Trusting God for our Needs - Live with a willingness to step out in faith. We trust in God to provide for our needs, just as Abraham trusted in God to provide the sacrifice in lieu of his son Isaac.

5. The Priesthood of Believers - Each of us is endowed with gifts from the Father that enable us to minister to those around us.

6. Plurality of Leadership - New Testament church governance is based upon a group of pastor/elders, co-equal, all accountable to each other, and all under the headship of Jesus Christ.  They seek unanimity through the leading of the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God.

7. Servanthood - Jesus said that if anyone desires to be first, they must be the servant of all.

The Seven Principles Upon Which New Covenant Fellowship Operates