Missionaries Supported by New Covenant

Map Key             Name

10                       Johnny and Debbie Buckner, New Enterprises International

11                       LifeFirst Pregnancy Resource Center

12                       Lynn Cartwright, Many Waters Mission

11                       Cutting Edge Ministries

13                       Paula Dubill, YWAM

14                       Linda Edwards, Prayer Missionary                  

15                       Samuel and Linda Lemay                     

15                       In Jesus' Name Gospel and Food Distribution

18                       Brad and Jan Thurston, Globe Mission

19                       Igho Herbert

Map Key             Name

1                         Missionaries In Asia
                         Dan and Tracey Whitehead, Mission Aviation Fellowship

3                          Azmy and Amira Iskander, Iskander Evangelistic Association
4                          Leo and Julie Quartey, The Apostolic Reformed Church of Ghana
5                          Moses Choudary, Maranatha Faith Ministries Inc.
6                          Pam Singer
                         Mike and Treesa Hause, Summer Institute of Linguistics                           Bevan and Laura Stein, International Messengers, Slovakia