Our purpose is to cultivate a vibrant creative Christian community in which we experience and celebrate God's love through art.

CAF members support New Covenant (and other churches) with meaningful artwork that is displayed in their building(s).  In addition, CAF sponsors an annual Christmas Card Workshop, held on the first Sunday in November, to make hand-decorated cards for Military Servicemen and for incarcerated prisoners.  The MOOs ministry at NCF provides names and addresses of prisoners that need the touch of God in their lives, while names and mailing addresses of active-duty service people are provided by friends, family, and the general membership of New Covenant.  All supplies for the cards (blank cards, envelopes, and all necessary art supplies such as rubber stamps, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and stickers) are provided by CAF, and anyone old enough to pray for the recipients and produce readable card are welcome to participate (whole families are welcome).  You don't have to be a member of CAF, or even of New Covenant, to come and pray for our Troops.  Click here for the Workshop guidelines.

Activities of the Christian Artists Fellowship

Who We Are

The feedback from our Christmas Card Workshops has been fantastic.  Not only do our participants enjoy their time at the Workshop, we have received MANY letters and cards back from recipients (both military and incarcerated prisoners) thanking us for thinking of them.  One Air Force unit in Afghanistan went even further.  They dedicated a flight mission over Afghanistan to us.  An American flag was carried on that mission in our honor.  They sent us the flag, along with a beautiful certificate commemorating the mission.  The photo below shows the service where we received the plaque and the flag (in a display case), which now both hang in the hallway at New Covenant Fellowship.

We are a growing Christian fellowship group, under the spiritual authority and covering of New Covenant Fellowship in Manassas, Virginia. Although our members come from various denominations and backgrounds, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and our willing submission to the NCF pastoral staff, unites us all. Our group operates in accordance with the core beliefs outlined in New Covenant Fellowship’s statement of faith.
We span all levels of experience and work in a wide variety of art forms including music, literature, design, photography, dance, pottery, painting, acting, architecture, textiles, illustration, voice, and calligraphy, among others. We recognize that our talents are a gift from God as we seek to honor God and serve others through our gifts and talents.
This artists’ group maintains an ongoing relationship with other regional arts groups, informing them of local activities and events that may be of interest to their members.
This fellowship group is open to all.  Click here for a full statement of our beliefs

  • To provide a forum for Christian artists to express themselves, share their work, encourage and support one another, exchange ideas and build community.
  • To encourage members to recognize and nurture their gifts, respond to God’s call on their lives, and grow in their relationship with Him.
  • To foster a biblical spirit of unity and cooperation among Christians in accordance with God’s Word.
  • To promote artistic excellence for the glory of God.     
  • To inspire members to apply their gifts and talents to minister to their church, communities, and the world.
  • To encourage group members to affect the culture with God’s redemptive love, expressed through their lives and their art. 

Christian Artists Fellowship

Why We Exist

Our Mission