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Teaching Series:  The Farewell Prayer

We continue on with our series which was started last fall.  We are up to John 17 which is "The Farewell Prayer."  The "Farewell Prayer":  Here Jesus submits five specific petitions to the Father as he prays for his disciples and the community of followers.  These five petitions are:


* Petition for glorification based on the completion of his work

* Petition for his disciples

* Petition for the preservation and sanctification of "his own" in the world

* Petition for the unity of "his own"

* Petition for the union of "his own" with himself


Join us as several of our teachers at NCF take on these petitions through the month of February.




Haven Lodge Bible Study - Learn About Your Own Faith and Investigate and Evaluate Differing Worldviews

We will be starting a 16-week course doing just that with the help of the ASK curriculum provided by Ravi Zacharias and his team of apologists.  Jake Himan will be leading in this INTERACTIVE study.  You will be actively engaged in this learning process.  Not only is Jake Himan a good teacher, he has been to the Ravi Zacharias Summer Institute to be further trained as he has a strong interest in these discussions.

Open for high school juniors through 20somethings.


Starts Saturday, February 7, 7 pm, and meets bi-weekly.  Take the beautiful drive to Catlett and enjoy Haven Lodge as we grow together.  For the address and other details join the Facebook group.



Weekly Gatherings


Sunday: Worship and Service, 10 a.m., coffee at 9:30
Christian Artists' Fellowship (first Sunday of each month)


Tuesday: MOO (Mothers of Offenders) Small Group, 7:30, third Tuesday of every months, special meetings at any time


Wednesday: Bayles Home Group, 7:30 p.m., Bayles home, call 703-919-9665 for more details.


Thursday: Prophetic Ministry (7:00 p.m.) Call for appointment.

Led Band Practice, 7:30 p.m.


Saturday:  Young Adult Bible Study, 7 pm, Pfeiffer home, join FB group for more details.




NCF Audio Sermons

Verse of the Day

R.I.O.T. Youth Group


R.I.O.T. Youth Ministry is for youth in grades 6-12 AND their parents. RIOT stands for Reaching In and Out Together.  When we say "together" we mean that we understand parents to be the greatest influence on a teen's life. READ MORE

Some original NCF Videos

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